Outside gym

Try something different, try gymming outside in the green grass! Backe sport society´s brand new gym is situated in the camping area overviewing the Backe lake.  

Canoe rental

Paddle canoe in the Backe lake or take the stream out on the river. Keep a lookout for the beaver and make your own beaver safari. Contact Backe IF office in Stenhammarn for booking.

Fjällsjöhallen Sports hall

Floorbandy, table tennis, zumba och children and adult gymnastics.

Shooting range

The shooting range is situated by the road to Junsele and is run by the Backe hunting society. Here ther is the opportunity to do hunting certifications, practise and skeet shooting. Contact Bo Eriksson Tel 0624-106 39 or 070-392 76 11.

Landsomberget ski resort

The mountain Landsomberget is 191m above the water. The ski facility is situated in natural surroundings by the Jansjö lake. Landsomberget is also a place for different outdoor activities during spring, summer and autumn. For example, to climb the top of the mountain in the summer is a great experience. The café is open the same time as the ski lift.

Lighted trails

A 2.5km long lighted trail is situated on the other side of the road from the sport area. Contakt Backe's sport society for more information.

Football pitch

The football pitch is situated on the Stenhammar area by the Backe lake.  Contakt Backe's sport society for more information.

Ice skating rink

An ice hockey rink is situated behind the square along the road Kyrkvägen.

Hiking paths

A total of 60 km hiking paths to explore. For more info see ”hiking” in the To do category.


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