Backe Bike Park

Welcome to Backe Bike Park!

The Bike Park is filled with challenges for all ages! On the pumptrack you can ride a bike, kickbike, skateboard or inlines. The pumptrack can hold about 25 bikers at the time.

There is also a Pumptrail and Dirtline with jumps and a Wallride, where you can litterally ride on a long wooden wall! Also try the jump zone where you can find a big jump and a drop!

The Skills Arena is filled with balance challenges, for example bridges and a seesaw to bike across!
All activities in the park are at your own risk.

Parents take responsibility for their children. Please use a helmet, show respect to avoid accidents and have a good time!

If you would like to borrow equipment please visit the Pausa Kiosk och Café in the center of Backe. Here you can borrow equipment for free! We have kickbikes, skateboards, helmets and other protective gear.

The bikepark is located close to the Backe IF camping and the Backsjön beach and is at a walking distance from the center of Backe.


Funded by Leader3sam and Allmänna arvsfonden.

Developed by
SCS Design

Supported by
EU jordbruksfonden
Fjällsjö Framtid


Contact details

Fjällsjö Framtid

Torgvägen 1A
880 50 Backe
0624- 101 69


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