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The beautiful nature and the rich wildlife will give many memorable experiences for the hunter where the chances of an unforgettable hunting experience is great. Here you can hunt capercaillie, black grouse, hare, beaver  and  moose. Contact Sunnansjögårdens Jakt och fiske to book an experience.



Fjällsjö can provide many opportunities to enjoy fishing in the lakes, river, streams or rapids. We have trout, char, grayling, whitefish, burbot, bream, ide, perch and pike. Some of the lakes got boats for rent. Contact Vängelälvens fishing society or Fjällsjö fishing society for more information.

Vängelälven is a rarity. It is a bifurcation, a branch between Faxälven of Jämtland and Fjällsjöälven of Ångermanland . There are only a handful of bifurcations in the world! Vängelälven really has everything you are entitled to expect out of a real forest: waterfalls, rapids, streams and floods. Grayling and trout fishing is very good in this area.

Fjällsjö Fishing society are caring for the fishing in our area and for everyone´s comfort please  show respect for each other and the nature.  Please follow the rules and regulations for fishing and don´t take up any trout, char and grayling smaller than 20 cm. Fishermen need to buy a fishing permit, which can be bought in the sport society in Backe.


Fjällsjö Fishing Map


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