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Backe can offer nature and wildlife right on your doorstep and a relaxing pace of life. The little village with the great heart lies in the middle of a mosaic of forests and waters right between a river and a lake by the foot of the mountains. Discover this little treasure just south of the Lapland boarder, only a couple of hours drive from the coast or even less from Jämtlands capital Östersund. Why go all the way to the mountains? We can offer affordable alternatives to the larger and more famous resorts – come and discover the true Swedish countryside! Take the chance to get away and to discover something different! Welcome here and listen to the silence.


Public Services

Primary school – Class 1 to 9
Childcare – Riddarens förskola
Eldery home – Älvgården
Swedens best health central - Lasarettsv. 22, 0624- 51 20 60
Pharmacy - Apoteket Kronan, Backe Centrum, 077-145 04 50
Bank - Handelsbanken, Kyrkv. 68, 0624 61150
Swedish Church - Fjällsjö Församling, Kyrkvägen 0624-10018
Penecostal Church, Pingstkyrkan, Bagges väg 2, 0623 - 601 29
Library – Bibliotek, Läkarv. 22, 0624-104 85
Backe Sports Club - Backe IF. Turistinformation, camping and youth center. Stenhammarn, 0624-105 43
Service Office - Fjällsjö Framtids Byservicekontor, Torgv. 1A, 0624-101 69
Sportshall - Fjällsjöhallen, by the river, 070-3425787
Fotball pitch - Backe IF. Stenhammarn by the camping 0624-105 43
Home Service - 070-293 95 40
Petrol Station - Fjällsjö petroleum, unmanned petrol station by road 346 towards Junsele
Ice skating rink, Backe IF, on Läkarvägen, 0624-105 43
Weaving place - Backes Vävstugeförening, Ulla Jacobsson 073-073 43 37
Skittle alley  - Fjällsjö Hembygdsgård, Fjällsjö Hembygdsförening 070-6400439
Bathing place- Stenhammarn in the camping area, 0624-105 43
Backe ”Central Park” - Small park with benches in the center of village


Cultural History of Backe

Backe is a very old place dating from the medieval times and soon became a center of trade. The famous Fjällsjö market with parade, which takes place in Backe the first weekend of July, has been running since 1946.

In year 1861 Backe got both a doctor and a pharmacy and had already a police and a court house by that time. Backe also had a Postal head office and a telephone central that served a large part of the area inkluding Lapland. In 1880 a newely built health central was opened and in 1883 it was upgraded to Hospital status. The modern Hospital became a regional Hospital in year 1964. Today there is only a health central and an elderly home left in the buildning. Backe Health Central was voted ”Sweden´s best health central” considering welfare and treatment in year 2010, 11 & 12.  

During the later part of the 19th century the forestry companies settled down in Backe and large farms were built, some of which you can still see standing today. They are large beautiful wooden houses. The railroad came to the area in the middle of 1920´s. It is still being used for transporting timber but the passenger trains stopped 1985. Today the inhabitants are working hard to extend the rail traffic and reintroducing the passenger traffic.

The Fjällsjö river was a very important logging trail for the forestry industry. A memory from the logging era can be seen by the bridge towards Strömsund, where a boat used in the logging work has been put up on a pillar. At the entrance to Backe from Ramsele there is another memorial from past industrial times. On your left handside there is a large industrial area that used to be a large saw mill. That saw mill produced about 30 000 cubic meters of wood per year. Today a newely opened company has taken over the saw mill to make wooden briquettes.  


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Contact details

Fjällsjö Framtid

Torgvägen 1A
880 50 Backe
0624- 101 69


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