• Svartvik handpapermill in Backe - Sweden´s most northern handpaper mill! Try to make your own handmade paper and visit the gift shop and art exhibition. You will be amaized of what it is possible to do from paper, for example moosedropping paper and sculptured birds made from recycled cotton fibres.
  • Buy local handcraft in Fjällsjö Framtid´s service center. Broderies, wire art, wooden crafts, knittings, crochets, jewelery and handmade cards.
  • Go for an art tour in Backe!  The walls in the old hospital´s staircase are painted with illustrations of life in the old times. A painting of the village in the 1950´s can be seen in the house on Kyrkvägen 70. The old canteen has a wonderful wallpainting made as an inspiration for the school kids showing the world.
  • Fjällsjö art society´s yearly art exhibition is taking place during their yearly society meeting in the sportshall on the second weekend of November every year.


Fjällsjö Heritage center

Learn about the old times at the Heritage center and see a variety of traditional buildings such as water mill, bakehouse, tank and skittle alley. Try out ”stoneage bowling” on Sweden´s maybe oldest skittle alley! The Heritage center opened 1937 and there are thousands of historical items there to view. Once a year the heritage day is celebrated, have a look in the events calender. If you would like more information or a guided tour please call 072-7038226. Other heritage buildings in the area are Jansjö bystuga and Silsjönäs bygdegård.


Jansjö pasture area is situated at the end of the Djuptjärnsstigen hiking path but it is also possible to drive there with a car.  The pasture area was established in the middle of the 19th century and the villagers used it as a summer farm where they used to bring their goats and cows to graze in the forests. At the time there were ten families sharing the farm and each one had a cottage, stable and a barn.   

The old school canteen

The old canteen in Backe has a fantastic wall painting which generations of school kids have enjoyed. It illustrates the big world with motives from all around the globe and was painted by a woman called Birgitta Sandberg and two of her students in the 1950's. The building is currently under a threat of demolishion and its future is very unsecure.

Historical houses in Backe

If you are curious to view and read about the houses in Backe then have a look at this website and click on ”Backe” and ”Gamla hus” to get to the map.


There is a large number of historical remains in and around Backe. Many are remains from early settlements from the Iron and Bronze age. There are also remains from hunting ditches from the time when it was still allowed to use this hunting method. The principle was to dig a ditch and then cover it up and chase the animals (mostly reindeer and moose) towards it so that they would fall into them. Legend has it that there is a treasure buried in the island called Långön upstream of the village and there is also a church bell which was dropped in the river and won't let itself to be pulled up! You can also see rock paintings in our area, the most famous one perhaps is the mysical cross/”Mystiska korset” along the Djuptjärnsstigen hiking path but paintings are also found in Bofors and Brattforsen. Follow the signs from the road or come to the service office and we will tell you more and give you a treasure map!


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