Discover 60 km hiking paths! Climb mountains, pass by lakes, along the river and in deep forests...

The beautiful nature and rich wild life will give nice and memorable experiences

Try something different, try gymming outside in the green grass! Backe sport society´s brand new...

Backe can offer nature and wildlife right on your doorstep and a relaxing pace of life. The...





Hiking Eldorado

Discover 60 km hiking paths! Climb mountains, pass by lakes, along the river and in deep...


Hunting & Fishing

The beautiful nature and rich wild life will give nice and memorable experiences


Service center

Fjällsjö Framtid development group's Service Center is situated in the center of Backe

Family hiking - "Into nature"


A hiking activity for the whole family. Take the opportunity to learn more about nature! We are walking together on paths in the forest and on fields - learning and playing!    

First meeting Sunday, 28/5. Meeting at: 11.00. The place can vary so please check the website for current information the day before:  We will walk together or share cars when going for longer trips.

Please wear suitable clothes according to weather and bring something to eat and drink, for example sandwich and fruit.

SUNDAYS 28/5, 4/6, 11/6, 18/6, 9/7, 16/7, 23/7, 6/8, 13/8, 20/8

Contact: Ida Sundin 072-584 67 32
More information on the facebook page “Backe IF längdskidor och löpning”
/Organizer Backe Sports society in cooperation with Strömsunds council

Fjällsjö summer 2015

This is what's happening in Fjällsjö this summer!

19/6 - Midsummer celebration at Jansjö village cottage
26/6 - Tribute concert for Elvis in Bodum's church
4-5/7 -  Fjällsjö market in Backe
11/7 - Taditional dumplings & flea party in Jansjö village cottage
17/7 - Folk music jam session at Ol'Pers in Jansjö
19/7 - Local heritage day at Fjällsjö homestead
8/8 - Stenhammar day at the camping with Backe IF
8/8 - Shooting competition at the shooting range
21/8 - Bat safari in Backe with Fjällsjö Framtid
22/8 - Taditional dumplings at Silsjönäs community center
29/8 - Candle light evening at Backsjön
6/9 - Hiking day at Fjällsjö hiking paradise

Summer and music café at Jansjö village cottage throughout July
Bear watching, outdoor gym, hiking paradise, stoneage bowling, hunting & fishing, canoe trails, swimming etc.

Dreaming of a hike in the north?

Welcome to Fjällsjö Hiking Eldorado

Here are plenty of things to enjoy! What do you feel like doing?

  • Climb the mountain Kläpp and overlook the Fjällsjö area from the top cabin
  • Walk around the Backe lake and work out in the outside gym
  • Go for a guided batsafari along Flottarstigen, ”The Logging Trail”
  • Rock the famous "Rocking Boulder" by hand
  • Walk the sandbanks of the Ice Age along Djuptjärnsstigen!
  • See the remains from the pasture period at Jansjöbodarna
  • Rent a canoe and make your own beaver safari!
  • See rock painting from the stone age and count thousands of boulders
  • Grill by the Lidtjärn lake and watch the dragonflies hover over the water surface
  • Sleep like a lumberjack in Svarttjärnsstugan ”the Blacklake cabin” - free accomodation for a day or two
  • Pick lingonberries, billberries, cloudberries and mushrooms along the road
  • Or just lay down in the moss and listen to the silence...

Read more about the diffrerent trails in the hiking section. A total of 60km paths to explore!

Winter activities in Fjällsjö

The ski slope Landsomberget - Fjällsjö has its very own ski slope! It is situated by the lake Jansjö, between Backe and Rossön. The mountain has a lift and two slopes, 900m and 1200m long. The 900m slope is illuminated so you can ski despite the dark! Lots of fun jumps for snowboarders and a dedicated area for beginners and a toboggan slope for the little ones. There is also a ski and snowboard renatl and a café. NOTE! If it is colder than -18C the slope will be closed.

Snow scooter trails - Visit the Village Service Office for a map.

Ice skating rink - Situated close to the center, along Läkarvägen.

Jigging - Fish in Fjällsjöälven or in the smaller lakes with planted Char.

Activities in Fjällsjö

Try out the outside gym - By the lake Backsjön at Stenhammaren in Backe
Rent a canoe - Bookings at Stenhammarens camping in Backe. 0624- 105 43.
Visit the Heritage center - Open Mon-Fri until 19/7, then call 072-7038226.
Play Stoneage Bowling - At the Heritage center in Backe. Call 072-7038226.
Make your own paper - Svartvik Hand Paper Mill, Bagges väg 4 in Backe.
Hike on 60km paths - Fjällsjö Hiking Eldorado. Check out the information signs.
Look at ancient Rock Art - Visit Mystiska korset, Brattforsen and Bofors.
Fly fishing in Vängel river - For fishing permits call 0624-30038.
Book a hunting experience -  Sunnansjögårdens Jakt och Fiske, 070-6558133.
Body treatment - Book yourself a massage, 070-6481510 or 070-5447698.
Second hand shopping - Look out for "Loppis" signs by the road.
Make a Family Trip - Click on the "to do" section above

Glad you have found us!

This site is made for visitors to see what Backe can offer and for you to be able to see what is going on in the village. There are plenty of things to do in our beautiful area, for example hiking, hunting and fishing, canoing on the river, bowling in a skittle alley, make handmade paper, shoot on the shootingrange, try out the outside gym and much more! Visit a summer event and see the snowscooter championships on water during the Fjällsjö market. There are also some summer and music cafés to enjoy. 

We hope to see you in Backe soon!


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