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The coutryside development group Fjällsjö Framtid

Fjällsjö Framtid was formed in 1985 for working together with the provincial government and the council to develop the Fjällsjö region in terms of accomodation, self employment and service and more. The development group Fjällsjö Framtid is a non profit organisation with a large number of members in the Fjällsjö region which work for the survival and development of the area. Welcome to our service office in the town square in center of Backe.

We provide
•    Office services – copy/scan/fax, Internet, read newspapers and have a coffee
•    Caretaker services – rent our caretaker for showeling, grass cutting, cleaning, window cleaning and more.
•    Turistinformation – information om sevärdheter & aktiviteter
•    Releases – Advertizing leaflet “FjällsjöBladet” (13nr/year)
•    Meeting rooms – for smaller conferenses and society meetings
•    Supporting lokal handcrafters by selling their products
•    Selling lokal books  & the Fjällsjö calendar
•    Selling memberships for the Heritage society
•    Selling scooter trail maps for the snow scooter society
•    Carpet washing mashine for rent

The Village Caretaker

Grasscutting, snow showelling, cleaning, collecting rubbish, window cleaning and more.
The society has a grasscutter machine, a snow thrower and a trailer.

Private person: 290kr/h
Company: 290kr/h +VAT
Travel: 25kr/10km +VAT
There is a possibility to get tax relief for these services, please contact the Swedish Tax Office.

Call 0624- 101 69 or 073- 067 67 52 for bookings

The committee of Fjällsjö Framtid 2021

Margareta Mårtensson  (President)        
Ulrica Ericsson
Torbjörn Törnqvist  
Camilo Bustamente
Ingbrith Månsson           

Inger Kraft Etzler
Åsa Gjersvold
Jessica Andreasson
Moa Antonsen

Membership fees:
50kr per year.
The fee can be paid on bankgiro nr. 5078-9577.
NB! Please label the payment with your name and address.

Fjällsjö Bladet 
Fjällsjö Framtid are releasing a flyer once a month with news and events in the area.
If interested in advertising, please contact the service office 0624 - 101 69.


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Fjällsjö Framtid


Contact details

Fjällsjö Framtid

Torgvägen 1A
880 50 Backe
0624- 101 69


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