Dreaming of a hike in the north?

Welcome to Fjällsjö Hiking Eldorado

Here are plenty of things to enjoy! What do you feel like doing?

  • Climb the mountain Kläpp and overlook the Fjällsjö area from the top cabin
  • Walk around the Backe lake and work out in the outside gym
  • Go for a guided batsafari along Flottarstigen, ”The Logging Trail”
  • Rock the famous "Rocking Boulder" by hand
  • Walk the sandbanks of the Ice Age along Djuptjärnsstigen!
  • See the remains from the pasture period at Jansjöbodarna
  • Rent a canoe and make your own beaver safari!
  • See rock painting from the stone age and count thousands of boulders
  • Grill by the Lidtjärn lake and watch the dragonflies hover over the water surface
  • Sleep like a lumberjack in Svarttjärnsstugan ”the Blacklake cabin” - free accomodation for a day or two
  • Pick lingonberries, billberries, cloudberries and mushrooms along the road
  • Or just lay down in the moss and listen to the silence...

Read more about the diffrerent trails in the hiking section. A total of 60km paths to explore!


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