Fjällsjö summer 2015

This is what's happening in Fjällsjö this summer!

19/6 - Midsummer celebration at Jansjö village cottage
26/6 - Tribute concert for Elvis in Bodum's church
4-5/7 -  Fjällsjö market in Backe
11/7 - Taditional dumplings & flea party in Jansjö village cottage
17/7 - Folk music jam session at Ol'Pers in Jansjö
19/7 - Local heritage day at Fjällsjö homestead
8/8 - Stenhammar day at the camping with Backe IF
8/8 - Shooting competition at the shooting range
21/8 - Bat safari in Backe with Fjällsjö Framtid
22/8 - Taditional dumplings at Silsjönäs community center
29/8 - Candle light evening at Backsjön
6/9 - Hiking day at Fjällsjö hiking paradise

Summer and music café at Jansjö village cottage throughout July
Bear watching, outdoor gym, hiking paradise, stoneage bowling, hunting & fishing, canoe trails, swimming etc.


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Fjällsjö Framtid


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Fjällsjö Framtid

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880 50 Backe
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